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Publish SLU doctoral and licentiate theses in Epsilon

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All SLU doctoral and licentiate theses shall be electronically published in Epsilon.

How to publish a thesis in the Epsilon Dissertations and Graduate Theses Archive:

  1. Register and log in as a user in the Epsilon system
  2. Enter data about your thesis in a webb form.
    and upload your thesis in PDF format.

1. Register in Epsilon Dissertations and Graduate Theses Archive:

You need to have access to your email account before you start to register.

  1. Click on the link register. Enter you e-mail, select a personal password and username. The system will send you a registration e-mail with instructions on how to confirm the password.
  2. Click on the link Log in and log in with your selected username and password.
  3. Click on the link View your user record and enter your name etc. You have now finished the registering.

2. Deposit a thesis in Epsilon Dissertations and Graduate Theses Archive

  1. Select Open a new thesis form and enter the bibliographic data about your thesis (author, title, abstract etc).
  2. Please don´t forget to mark the checkbox to accept the agreement for electronic publishing. You will find the checkbox at the bottom of the page where you enter the bibliographic data. [Link to agreement]
  3. To continue and attach your PDF file click the Next button.
  4. From next page: "Edit item: Documents Attached to Item", Click Add a format to this item.
  5. Select PDF for "Document Information" and enter a short description of your document, e.g. Thesis summary (or in case of uploading more than one file: Appendix I, Appendix II etc.). Then click Next.
  6. Search and select your thesis file from the Browse button and click Upload File.
    Please give your file a name following Lastname_Firstnameinitial_date, not using the letters åäö. hallberg_a_090112 for Åsa Hällberg depositing the thesis on January 12, 2009.
    Note! The PDF file you have uploaded in the system must be the final version of your thesis.(Default type fo file: "Normal File")
  7. Select the Finished button to continue and then Next.
  8. The last step in the process is to verify the entered data and click the Deposit Eprint Now button at the bottom of the page. This will finish the deposit process.

When you have submitted your publication to the Epsilon publishing system a librarian will edit your entered data, before the electronic publishing. Depending on the current workload, and provided there are no problems, it should appear in the repository within the next few days.


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Questions? See the FAQ for doctoral and licentiate theses.

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