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FAQ - doctoral and licentiate theses

Questions about:

  1. General questions
  2. Electronic publishing and Epsilon
  3. SLU stylesheets for doctoral theses
  4. Printing a thesis

1. General questions

2. Electronic publishing and Epsilon

3. SLU stylesheets for doctoral theses

4. Printing a thesis

1. General questions

Where should I send my request for a date for the public defense of my doctoral thesis?

The date and time for your public defense of your doctoral thesis is booked with your faculty office.

Who provides an ISBN and the Acta serial number for my thesis?

All doctoral theses are published in the series Acta Universitatis agriculturae Sueciae. To recieve an ISBN and an Acta serial number for your thesis, contact the SLU libraries at the following address:

Please state your name, department, title of thesis and date of public defense.


Licentiate theses are not published in the Acta-series. Some departments have special series for licentiate theses. Check with your department if there is an appropriate series for your thesis. If not, your licentiate thesis will be published as an independent and separate volume. All licentiate theses are to have an ISBN, please see details on how to obtain one, above.


How many printed copies of my thesis should be sent to the library?

For doctoral theses: Ten printed copies of your thesis should be sent to your faculty library.
For licentiate theses: Five printed copies of your thesis should be sent to your faculty library.

When is the notification of the date of the public defense of my doctoral thesis (Swedish: spikning)?

"Spikning" is Swedish for the notification of the date of your upcoming public defense of your thesis, also sometimes referred to as nailing. This date is given by your Faculty office and shall be posted on the University's notice boards at least 3 semester weeks before the defense date. By the nailing date your thesis must be deposited and available electronically in Epsilon.

What does "summarizing chapter" (Swedish: kappa) of a compilation thesis mean?

The summarizing chapter, or "kappan" in Swedish, is the thesis part of a compilation thesis - without the individual essays or articles.

2. Electronic publishing and Epsilon

Is electronic publishing of my thesis mandatory?

Yes, by the vice-chancellor's decree it is mandatory to publish your thesis in the SLU Epsilon archive.

When should my thesis be submitted to the Epsilon archive for electronic publishing?

It should be submitted as soon as you have a final print-ready file, or at the latest on the day of the notification of the date of public defense (nailing or spikning). The pdf-file uploaded to Epsilon must be exactly the same version as the printed thesis.

What file format should my thesis be when submitting it to Epsilon?

The thesis must be submitted in pdf-format.

Can I upload multiple files to Epsilon?

Yes, you can upload several pdf-files. Please make sure to follow the author instructions carefully to get it right!

Should I publish my entire thesis electronically?

For compilation theses the procedure is to publish the summarizing chapter ("kappan") and not the individual articles. Authors may publish the individual articles as well, provided there is no breach of copyright. Monographic theses will be published in their entirety.

How does an author agree to Epsilon archiving and publishing?

As the author, you click "Yes I accept" in the lower right corner of the form you fill in when depositing your thesis. Next to it, you will also find a link to the agreement in full text.

Why doesn't my registration in Epsilon work?

To sign up you need access to your e-mail. The Epsilon system will respond to your registration with a confirmation e-mail message containing a link you need to click to complete the registration. If you do not receive a registration confirmation e-mail, please check your e-mail program's spam folder to make sure the Epsilon message has not been filtered as spam. If you still can't find the message, contact your local Epsilon coordinator for help. Also make sure you were not using any of the Swedish letters å, ä or ö in the user name you chose. If this is the case, please also get in touch with your local Epsilon coordinator so that they can remove the user name before you try again.

Why can't I upload my PDF-file to Epsilon?

This is usually a web browser problem. You might need to update. We recommend Internet Explorer 6 or later, Firefox 2 or later or Safari 2 or later. If you have an updated browser and still cannot upload your file, please contact your local Epsilon coordinator.

3. SLU stylesheet for doctoral theses

Who should use the SLU set of stylesheets?

It is mandatory to use the SLU stylesheets for anyone writing a doctoral thesis which will be published in the series Acta Universitatis agriculturae Sueciae. It can also be used for licentiate theses that will be printed in S5 format (the format of the Acta series). The stylesheets are mainly designed for use with compilation theses, which consist of a summarizing chapter as well as several essays or articles, but they can also be used when writing monographic theses. The stylesheets are compatible with Microsoft Word 2000, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008 and XP (PC and Mac).

What is a stylesheet?

A stylesheet contains the settings required to design a document to meet certain layout requirements. Examples may be margin width, pagination placement, typeface and font size for different elements of text. In SLU_Acta_Thesis, for example, there are headlines, bodytext, reference texts and contents list - each one with their own preset typeface, size, and adjustments of text and indentations where applicable.

What does the set of stylesheets contain?

The set contains several files. For the thesis itself and the backside cover you should use SLU_Acta_Thesis_vX and SLU_Acta_backcover_vX respectively (the X representing any given current version number of the file). For the spikblad (notice of dissertation) you should use the file SLU_Acta_Spikblad_vX. I f you use EndNote for reference management, use the file SLU_Avhandling_Endnote_vX.ens for inserting your citations and references in the text. Finally, to create a pdf-file with Adobe Acrobat you will need one of the ReprosX.joboption files - choose the one with the same number as your version of Adobe Acrobat.

How do I download the set of stylesheets?

1. Click the link [.zip] and save the set of stylesheets on your computer.
2. Search the saved set of stylesheet via My computer/Explorer.
3. Open the files by clicking the link for the set of stylesheets.
4. Open the files and store them in a suitable folder on your computer via "Browse" and then "Unzip".
5. Close the window and open the files from the storage location.

How do I find the folder to put dot-files in?

In Word 2004 or older: Open any Word document and then open the dialog "Save As...". Choose file format "Template (*.dot)" (at the bottom of the dialog). Note the path, to the folder that Word wants to save the file in, in the drop down menu "Save in:".

In Word 2007: Open any Word document and then open the dialog "Save As...". Choose file format "Template (*.dotx)" (at the bottom of the dialog). Klick "Trusted templates" in the upper left corner of the dialog. Note the path, to the folder that Word wants to save the file in, in the drop down menu "Save in:".

Tip: When you shall place the files in the proper folder, hidden files and folders must be shown in Windows Explorer. It is done like this in Windows XP: Click “My Computer” to select it. In the menu row, choose Tools > Folder Options. Click the tab “View”. Under “Advanced settings” expand “Hidden files and folders” and check “Show hidden files and folders”.

What is the difference between a doc-file and a dot-file?

The doc file is an ordinary document file. In Word 2007 the file gets the suffix docx. The file format is another and a docx-file can be opened in Word 2003 only if a converter is installed. The doc- or docx-file can be put in any folder, opened and saved as any normal file. Unless you save it with a new name it is the same file you are working with all the time.

The dot file is a template file. In word 2007 the file gets the suffix dotx. It should be put in a folder specially meant for template files (see above). To start working with a file based on a specific stylesheet, you open a copy of the template file. The file iteself will remain unmodified and you can open an unlimited number of new copies. [Read more]

How can I see if Bembo och Akzidenz Grotesk are installed in my computer?

Please note that the typefaces Bembo and Akzidenz Grotesk are not automatically installed on your computer. You will need them to get the best appearance of your thesis. There are a few different ways to see if the typefaces are installed:

  • The simplest way is to compare the font on the screen to the one in the (printed) file SLU_Acta_Instructions_vX.pdf. You see it most clearly on the title page.
  • Take a look in the dialog "Font". In Word version 2004 or older you open it from the menu Format > Font, in Word 2007 by pressing the keys Ctrl+Shift+B. If the fonts are installed in the computer, you will find them in the alphabetical list of fonts. The font Akzidenz Grotesk is not installed in the computer that shows on the picture below.
    dialogrutan Tecken

  • If you work with a Windows computer, you can look in the Control Panel. Open it and klick on Fonts.

If you lack the fonts, ask your IT-coordinator to help you install them. They are found on the home page of the Division of Communication. (Only in Swedish.) You must log in to Mitt SLU in order to get the fonts.

I cannot see the formatting toolbar in Word 2004 or older. What's wrong?

There could be two different reasons:

  • The Dot-file must be copied or moved to the correct folder. If you have opened the file and saved it as a template, it is placed in the correct folder, that's true, but when you opened the file the macro generating the formatting toolbar was inactivated.
  • The toolbar could have been accidently closed. To open it right-click any open toolbar and choose SLU Thesis in the list.

How do I find the formatting toolbar in Word 2007?

Click the tab "Add-Ins". In the group called "Custom Toolbars" you will find the toolbar for EndNote as well as the one containing the Acta styles. If you don't find the latter, follow these steps:

  1. Klick the Office-button > Word options.
  2. Klick Add-Ins.
  3. By "Manage" at the bottom of the dialog choose Templates in the drop down menu and klick Go.
  4. Check and klick OK. If the template is not found in the list, klick the button Add and select the file from the folder.

I insert a picture in the thesis but I cannot see it

Probably you have inserted the picture in a paragraph with the style Body text, which has a settled row height. In Word 2003 you can see a small strip of the picture. In Word 2007 a dotted contour of the picture is shown. The style Image should be put to the paragraph with the picture. Do like this to change style.

In Word 2003: Place the cursor in the paragraph containing the picture. In the menu Format choose the command Styles and Formatting. In the pane opening choose the style Acta: Image.

In Word 2007: Place the cursor in the paragraph containing the picture. On the tab Home, in the group Styles, click the small arrow pointing down to the right. In the pane opening choose the style Acta: Image.

If you insert images with the command Insert image under the heading Images and tables on the custom toolbar on the tab Add-ins, the correct style will automatically be put to the paragraph.

When I update the contents list in Word one heading is missing. How do I fix it?

You can edit the contents list manually. If a heading is missing, copy another heading of the same level, paste it into the right place and edit the text and page number.

How do I get the page numbers in the contents list straight under each other?

A long heading can displace the page number. You need to insert a manual line break. Place the cursor where you want the line break and press Shift+Enter.

My list of content has condesed to a senseless sequence of headings. What to do?

Right click the text that should be the contents list and choose "Toggle Field Codes".


4. Printing a thesis

When should my thesis be sent to the printing office?

A ready-to-print, final and proof-read thesis should be sent to the printing office no later than 6 weeks before the public defense of the thesis. It is very important that you contact the printing office well in advance and establish a time table for sending in the thesis file and for delivery of the printed thesis.
Printing offices at SLU:

In what format should I send my thesis to the printing office?

The thesis should be sent as one pdf-file. Exceptions are articles already printed, which must be turned in separately to the printing office. The text for the back of the thesis cover (the blurb) should be sent to the printing office as a Word-file.

How do I get permission to include articles in my thesis that have already been published?

Many publishers will automatically allow you to also deposit your articles in the Epsilon archive, but for copyright reasons it is very important that you check with your publisher before doing so.Depositing your article in Epsilon, while also publishing it in a scientific journal, is called parallel publishing and is a form of Open Access. Visit the SHERPA/RoMEO site to find out what your publisher's policy is. If you are unsure, contact your campus library for help.

If your publisher does not automatically allow this, there is also a special addendum distributed by the SLU: Request to use material included in the electronic version, Doctoral dissertation at SLU (pdf-file), that you may use to ask the publisher's permission to include articles in your printed thesis as well as the electronic one.
Read more about Open Access and publishing in the Epsilon Open Archive at:

How many copies of my thesis should be printed?

As long as the mandatory ten copies that must be sent to SLU libraries are provided, the number of printed copies is decided by the author.

What does the printing office do with the thesis before printing?

The printing office compiles a complete printing file. From this file a test print copy is made, which is sent to the author for approval before the actual printing of the thesis. Please note that the printing office does not do any proof reading.

Who produces the cover of my thesis?

The layout of the thesis cover is set and approved by the vice-chancellor. The printing office will produce the cover and retrieve the information they need for this from the thesis title page. There are a couple of alternative layouts for the cover, you may view them here.

What is a "spikblad"?

There is no exact English term for the Swedish word spikblad. A spikblad is a loose page with information about when and where the public defense of the thesis is to take place. Information about the faculty examiner, supervisor and examining committee is also included. The spikblad pages should be placed inside the covers of the theses before delivering the printed copies to the library. There is a separate template for the spikblad:


More questions?

Read FAQ Open Archive or contact the Epsilon team

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