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Publish SLU theses (doctoral and licentiate theses)

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  1. Doctoral theses
  2. Licentiate theses
  3. Order ISBN
  4. Printing
  5. Electronic publishing

1. Doctoral theses

All SLU doctoral theses shall be electronically published in Epsilon and also published in the serial Acta Universitatis agriculturae Sueciae. The serial ISSN number is 1652-6880.

1.1 Publishing and printing

  • It is mandatory to publish your thesis electronically in Epsilon.
  • Deliver 10 copies of the printed doctoral thesis to the SLU Library at the location where your thesis will be defended. [Read more]
  • The layout for all SLU doctoral theses shall follow the SLU stylesheets. [Read more]

1.2 Layout for the Acta-serial cover

  • Picture of your own choice on the front page
  • Short abstract on the back page
  • Short presentation of the author on the back page

See examples of cover layout (click for better view):


cover with image cover with image

2. Licentiate theses

The following concerns licentiate theses at SLU according to the vice-chancellor's decision (2003-09-18):

  • All licentiate theses shall be electronically published in Epsilon.
  • To the SLU Libraries the author shall deliver 5 printed copies. This applies to all faculties.

The licentiate theses are not published in the serial publication Acta for doctoral theses. Some departments have specific serial publications for licentiate theses. Check with your department if there is an appropriate series for you. If not, your licentiate thesis should be published as a separate (free-standing) volume. All theses must have a unique ISBN number. [How to order an ISBN]

2.1 Preparing the licentiate thesis

The SLU stylesheets can be used for preparing the licentiate theses, but it is not mandatory. To set the appearance of the title page and its reverse page and the cover, follow the guiding principles for the serial you publish in. Otherwise you can use the stylesheet title page and remove the details only concerning doctoral theses (e.g. ISSN and serial title).

2.2 When shall the thesis be published in Epsilon?

Submit your thesis to Epsilon as soon as you have the final version of your thesis in accordance with the printed thesis, well in advance before the public display. The licentiate theses will be announced on the SLU departmental web sites.

2.3 Other formalities

For more information and guiding principles concerning licentiate and international MSc theses go to the web site of your faculty or read more at Postgraduate studies at SLU.(target opens in new window)

3. Order ISBN

The SLU Libraries distribute ISBN numbers to doctoral, licentiate and international MSc theses, just as to some series and reports published at SLU. The SLU Libraries also distribute the serial number in the Acta serie for doctoral theses.

To order ISBN number for your publication, contact the SLU Libraries on following e-mail: .
Give your name, name of your department, title of the publication and title of the serial publication (in case of such a series).

4. Printing

Contact the SLU Campus printing office in good time to set an appointment for the delivery of your thesis to the printers:

4.1 Printed theses to the library

The author is responsible for the delivery of the printed thesis to the SLU Libraries, with the notice of dissertation (spikblad) included. (With the exception for Alnarp where the SLU Campus printing office takes care of the delivery):

  • For doctoral theses: Deliver 10 copies of the printed doctoral thesis to the SLU Library at the location where your thesis will be defended. This applies as of 1st July 2006 and for all SLU faculties. Of the 10 copies delivered to the library 8 are used for displaying and for loan at the SLU Libraries.
  • For licentiate theses: Deliver 5 copies of the printed licentiate thesis to the SLU Library.

4.1 Before you contact the printing office

  • The thesis shall be delivered in PDF format and, if part of the Acta series, named with the serial publication number (i.e. 200801).
  • A notice of dissertation (spikblad) is the official notice that a dissertation is to take place. It must be included in every copy of the thesis supplied to the Library. The note of dissertation is printed seperately from the thesis and inserted by the author into the copies before they are distributed. There is a separate template for the notice of dissertation.
  • After you have delivered your thesis to the printing office a proof is sent to you for correction before the thesis is printed.
  • Information about the desired number of printed copies, invoice address, et cetera should be given on the form designed for that purpose.
  • If you have problems inserting tables or diagrams etc. into the PDF-file or converting file formats you should contact the IT co-ordinator at your department. For help with scanning etc. please contact the staff at the printing office.
  • It is important to let the staff at the printing office know how to get in contact with you during the printing process.
  • Further contact with the printing office might be needed for delivering of off-prints or other already published papers.

5. Electronic publishing

All theses published in Epsilon will also be available in the following databases and search engines:

  • Libris - the national library system of Sweden
  • Lukas - catalogue of the SLU-Libraries
  • SLU:s publikationsdatabas för årsredovisning
  • SLU departmental web sites
  • Search engines on the internet

5.1 What is published in Epsilon?

Compilation theses:
The summarizing chapter will always be published in full-text. To publish the enclosed papers in full text you need to get the permission from the publisher of the journal where your article is published.

Search the SLU list of journals (opens in new window) to get the name of the publisher of the journal in which your article is published. A majority of the journal publishers will allow the author to parallell publish articles in an institutional archive, e.g Epsilon. To find out if your publisher allows this, use the SHERPA/RoMEO website, or contact your local SLU Library for information.

Many publishers will allow parallell publishing within their normal contracts. If not, use this form for communication with the publisher/journal:

Request to use material included in the electronic version, Doctoral dissertation at SLU (PDF, opens in new window)

Monographic theses:
The thesis is to be published in its entirety. As the author of your thesis you have the copyright.

5.2 What happens after you have submitted your thesis to Epsilon?

When you have submitted your thesis to the Epsilon publishing system a librarian will edit your entered data and also add subject headings from the Agrovoc thesaurus before the electronic publishing.

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