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Templates for Dissertations

The stylesheet for preparing the SLU doctoral theses can be downloaded here. It is also suitable for licentiate theses that will be printed in S5 format (the format of the Acta series). The set of template files also includes templates for the notice of dissertation and the backcover, and a file for Endnote (in order to help reference management) and joboption files (used to create pdf files adjusted for SLU Repro).

Read about ...

  1. The SLU stylesheets for dissertation theses
  2. Download the template files
  3. How to install and use the stylesheet
  4. The cover
  5. Handling of references and the use of EndNote and Zotero with the stylesheet

1. The SLU stylesheets for dissertation theses

The stylesheets apply to Microsoft Word 2000, 2003, 2004, 2007 and XP (PC and Mac). Word 2007 differ in some aspects from the previous versions and some of the instructions in the stylesheet are not completely applicable to theese programs. In a separate pdf-file you will find instrucions for moments that are performed different in Word 2007.

Comments and questions on the stylesheet could be sent to at the Alnarp Library.

2. Download the template files

The stylesheet is included in a set of files. You can either choose to download the complete set to your computer, or to download separate files by clicking directly on the file you want to download.

In the stylesheet the stipulated fonts Bembo and Akzidenz Grotesk are used. You will need to have them installed in your computer. Your supervisor should also have them. The fonts are not included in the template. If they are not already installed you can get them from the communications office. (Only in Swedish, ask your IT coordinator for help.) The fonts cannot manage some languages. Contact us if you need a template that manages non western languages.

If you don't know if the fonts are installed in your computer, read in faq how to see it.

Download the complete set of files:
[.zip]  How to download

These files are included. Download separate files:


Using other software than Word

A LaTeX stylesheet for an SLU thesis was created by Rob Hart in November 2009. Click here to download it. When you unzip the file, you will find instructions for its use.

It is possible to use other software than Word och LaTeX. Then you must format the document yourself. The file Page_layout_and_styles_in_SLU_Acta_Thesis.pdf contains the needed information. It is particularly important that the paper size is correct.

3. How to install and use the stylesheet

Templates shall always be copied to a special folder on the hard disk drive.
Do like this to install in a PC with Word 2003:

  1. Open the folder where you saved the template file. Right click the file and select "Cut". The icon turns grey.
  2. Open Word. Select from the menu File > New. In the pane New Document, which opens to the right, under the heading Templates, click "On my computer...".
  3. In the window Templates right-click the pane containing the existing templates and select "Paste".

Do like this to install in a PC with Word 2007:

  1. Open the folder where you saved the template file. Right click the file and select "Cut". The icon turns grey.
  2. Open Word. Click the Office button > New. In the left pane in the window New Document click "My Templates...".
  3. In the window Templates right-click the pane containing the existing templates and select "Paste".

Do like this to open a new document with the template

  • in a Windows-computer with Word version 2003 or older, select File > New in the menu row. A new window appears to the right. Under the heading Templates klick "In the computer...". Select
  • In Word 2007 click the Office button > New. To the left in the window that opens click My Templates and choose the thesis stylesheet.
  • In a Macintosh use the menu command File > Projekt gallery.

The template will remain unmodified and you can open an unlimited number of new copies.

The stylesheet contains text which you should replace with your own (title, articles, summary etc.) and instructions for using the template. It is recommended to print out the instructions before you start working. Preferably you print out the pdf-version of the instructions since the layout of the word-file can change due to the printer connected to the computer.

4. The cover

The printing office produces the cover and needs some data to do that. There should be a short abstract and a short presentation of the author on the back of the cover. Use the file (template file) and replace the existing text with your own according to the instructions. Save as a doc file and send it to the printing office.

There are two options for the outside front cover: no illustration or a small illustration. See examples of cover layout (click for better view):

omslag utan bild omslag med liten bild


If you do include an illustration, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • You must supply the printer with a file containing the illustration. If the illustration is a color or grayscale picture, deliver the original image if it does not need any adjustments. If you need to process the image, start by saving it in tiff format (.tif), and then keep that file format. If you use a black and white digital drawing or scanned text choose the resolution 600 dpi. Make sure the illustration is saved in bitmap mode, not in greyscale mode. (E.g. in Adobe Photoshop you can find the alternatives for color mode in the menu Image > Mode (Bild > Läge).) If your illustration was created as an eps-file, deliver it as it is.
  • If you intend to use an illustration to which copyright restrictions apply, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner for its use before your thesis is printed. We recommend that you get the permission in writing. Obtaining permission may take time, so do not leave it to the last minute.

5. Handling of references

The Harvard system should be used for references. The Harvard system can be applied in different ways. In theses from SLU you are adviced to follow the instructions in Search Collect Publish. Under the links Quotations and List of References you will find useful information and further links.

On the market there are a number of tools that can be used for organizing references. At the courses in information management, given by the SLU libraries, lessons are given on the program EndNote. There are styles you can use together with EndNote and with the free program Zotero respectively.

How to use EndNote with the stylesheet

In the set of files the file SLU_Avhandling_Endnote_vX.ens is included. This file can be used together with EndNote for inserting citations and references in your Word document. The references are at the same time automaticly formatted. For that sake, install the file in the folder (examples):

  • Windows: C:\Documents and settings\[user name]\My Documents\EndNote\Styles
  • Windows: C:\Program files\Microsoft office\Templates

In EndNote you should check SLU_Avhandling_Endnote_vX in Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager. Then it will be available in the drop down menu in the tool bar. Check the file in the drop down menu. Open the EndNote library containing your references.

Go to Word. Place the cursor where the citation should be inserted. Klick the icon Find Citations in the EndNote toolbar (in Word 2007 it is found on the tab Add-ins (EndNote 9) or on the tab EndNote X2) and look up the cited author or a word in the title of the reference. The citation and the reference are inserted in the Word document. If they are not correctly formatted, try klicking the icon Format Bibliography and choose SLU_Avhandling_Endnote_vX. There are some limitations in EndNote and some types of references (e.g. conference prodeedings, electronic books) will not be correctly formatted. In that case you need to edit the reference manyally. Remember to use the paragraph format Acta:References, which is found in the template SLU_Acta_Thesis, for the list of references.

Style to Zotero

You find the style here. Search for Acta Universitatis agriculturae Sueciae.

Due to some limitations in Zotero its style does not render exactly as the one for EndNote. The limitations are:

  1. In Zotero, initials should be spaced in order to be recognized as separate initials. This will eventually be fixed, but for now you have to use "J. D." instead of "J.D.".
  2. "et al." in citations is not automatically italicized. Will probably be fixed at the end of 2010.
  3. Dates should be shown with leading-zeros. For days this doesn't work (e.g. you get "2002-06-7" instead of "2002-06-07"). This is a bug in Zotero that will problably be solved at the end of 2010.
  4. Some items don't have the required fields. E.g. thesis needs place and ISBN fields, report needs ISSN, for map the scale field isn't 'connected' to the CSL map field. It is not known when this can be fixed.


FAQ - stylesheets


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