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Why doesn't my registration in Epsilon work?

To sign up you need access to your e-mail. The Epsilon system will respond to your registration with a confirmation e-mail message containing a link you need to click to complete the registration. If you do not receive a registration confirmation e-mail, please check your e-mail program's spam folder to make sure the Epsilon message has not been filtered as spam. If you still can't find the message, contact your local Epsilon coordinator for help. Also make sure you were not using any of the Swedish letters å, ä or ö in the user name you chose. If this is the case, please also get in touch with your local Epsilon coordinator so that they can remove the user name before you try again.

Why am I not getting a registration e-mail?

Please check to make sure your e-mail system has not filtered the registration e-mail out as spam.
Sometimes the registration e-mail takes hours to reach you. If you have not received one within 24 hours of registration, please contact your local Epsilon administrator for help.

Why can't I log in?

If you have received a registration e-mail and followed the link provided there, but still cannot log in: Please check that you are typing your user name and password in the correct places, and that your Caps Lock is not on.

I have forgotten my user name or password!

Go to the webpage Change Password.

Type in the e-mail address you used to register and a new password. An e-mail will be sent to you with a link that leads to the page Confirm Account, where your user name is also listed.

Can I change my user name or password?

Change your password by using the web page for Change Password as stated above. A user name once registered to an e-mail address, however, can't be changed.

What file-format should my independent project be when I upload it to Epsilon?

The project should be uploaded as a single pdf-file. Please note that it must be the approved and final version of the project! The file should preferably be no bigger than 5 Mb.

Why can't I upload my pdf-file to Epsilon?

This is usually a web browser problem. You might need to update. We recommend Internet Explorer 6 or later, Firefox 2 or later or Safari 2 or later. If you have an updated browser and still cannot upload your file, please contact your local Epsilon administrator.

What happened to the older archive for student projects?

The older archive for student projects (Epsilon Undergraduate Theses Archive) was closed for further deposits in November 2009. From now on, all student projects should be deposited in the new archive. The older archive is still fully accessible and searchable however. On the Epsilon home page, you can search in both archives at once via the service Uppsök. If you just want to search the older archive, you may still do so, here.


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