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Publishing a student project


There are compulsory SLU guidelines for which information should be included on the project front page and title page. There is no common policy for the design and layout of student projects. Please check with your department what guidelines you should follow.

Students writing an independent project will likely find the SearchCollectPublish guide, provided by the SLU libraries, useful.

Mandatory to publish in Epsilon

In accordance with the vice-chancellor's decision of June the 18th 2007 all student independent projects produced at the SLU shall be published electronically in the SLU theses database Epsilon. Please note that this is mandatory. The decision is valid from the autumn semester of 2008 and onward.

The publishing in Epsilon is done by the student, or by an administrator at the department - please ask what the procedure is at your department! The project must be uploaded as a single pdf-file, preferably no larger than 5 Mb. Please note that the uploaded file must contain the approved and final version of your student project!

Find out more at Publishing a student project in The Epsilon Archive for Student Projects, where you will also find links to register and upload your project.

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