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Epsilon is an open access archive for electronic publishing of SLU publications, consisting of three separate databases: Epsilon Open archive, Dissertation theses and the Epsilon Archive for Student Projects:

Epsilon SLU Theses contains doctoral theses, licenciate theses and international master theses from the year 2003 and onwards. Some theses older than 2003 are also included.

Epsilon Open archive opened in 2006. It contains other SLU-produced texts, such as reports, journal articles, books, conference proceedings and fact sheets.

Epsilon Archive for Student Projects is the most recent addition, open since March 2009. This archive should contain most student projects from 2009 and onwards.

There is also an older archive, no longer open for new deposits, but fully searchable. This is the Epsilon SLU Undergraduate theses, which contains undergraduate projects not part of an education within the Bologna education cycle, produced at SLU from 2003 - 2009. Please note that not all undergraduate projects have been deposited and that some projects older than 2003 are included in the archive.

These web pages provide information on how to publish in the Epsilon archives, as well as general information regarding publishing doctoral and licenciate theses and student projects.

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