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FAQ - Epsilon Open Archive

What can be published in the SLU Epsilon Open Archive?

As an SLU researcher you can publish your scientific journal articles, popular science articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, reports etc in the open archive. The introductory papers from the postgraduate courses of SLU are also published there.

What is the SLU Open Access Policy?

The policy was signed by the vice-chancellor on the 11th of February 2008 (Dnr SLU ua 11-474/08), and in summary requests all SLU researchers to make their research results Open Access. This can be done either by parallel publishing or publishing in open access journals (see below).

What is meant by parallel publishing and open access?

Open Access basically means to make ones research freely available online. Parallel publishing is a way to achieve open access by making already published texts freely available online, for instance in the Epsilon Open Archive. Read more about parallel publishing and Open access here.

How do I know if my publisher allows parallel publishing?

If you want to submit a research article that has already been published in a scientific journal you can check the SHERPA/RoMEO website for the publisher's or journal's general policy on parallel publishing. Most publishers will allow self-archiving in some form. Please contact your local SLU library if you have any questions.


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